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Know the benefits and risks of scrapings from the medical side

Complaints of body weakness, aches, and rheumatic pain can certainly interfere with our activities. Traditionally, alternative scrapings therapy is often chosen as a way to reduce these complaints. However, is scraping useful medically or is it dangerous? Kerokan is one of the traditional alternative therapies that is often used in Asian countries, including in Indonesia. Therapy using special tools or coins rubbed on the surface of the skin is also found in China. By the Chinese people, scrapings are called gua sha. Effect of scrapings on the body Scraping is believed to relieve aches, weakness, and body aches. Scraping is done by rubbing a coin or special dredger with a blunt edge, onto the surface of the skin that has been smeared with massage oil. Meanwhile, gua sha is done with ceramic spoons, coins, buffalo horn pieces, or jade. Rubbed coins or tools will form reddish lines or spots on the skin that usually disappear after 2-4 days. These reddish spots are called sha in te
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5 Benefits of Good Japanese Food for Health

Japanese foods, such as sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, and miso soup, are well known in various countries. This is not only because it tastes delicious and fresh, but also because of the various benefits of Japanese food that are good for health. Many Japanese residents have a long life, even more than 100 years. This turns out to be related to what they consume daily. Japanese food is rich in vegetables, soups, beans, and seafood. These foods contain many important nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are needed by the body. Not only that, the way of processing and serving Japanese food is also a reason why the culinary region of this cherry country is so delicious and healthy. Benefits of Eating Japanese Food The following are a variety of interesting Japanese food benefits for you to know: 1. Prevent obesity Did you know that Japan has a level? This is due to the lower calorie consumption of Japanese people. The secret lies in the processing of steamed, boil

Mother, This is How to Make Your Baby Sleep More Regularly

Is your baby more than 3 months old, but her sleep patterns have not been regular? Maybe it's time for you to apply certain tricks to work around this. Newborns do spend most of their time sleeping. But after a few weeks, he began to learn to recognize day and night and when to sleep. Mother Mother, know how to make babies sleep more regularly. Various Ways That Can Be Done Do not let the baby's irregular sleep patterns make Mother and Father lack of sleep or unable to do activities well. Below are a few tips to try: Let the baby sleep without help Mother can try to let the child sleep alone, since the age of 1.5 months. The trick is to put the baby lying on his back when he is sleepy. If accustomed, after a long time he could sleep without needing help. Control baby's crying If your child cries and doesn't want to sleep, you can try this method. Put it down and leave it for at least 2 minutes. Gradually, increase the time you leave it to 3, 4, 5 minutes, up